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唔…啊 手指 出去Manage your shares in just 3 clicks

唔…啊 手指 出去Direct registered shareholder, your personal online Account help you manage your Air Liquide share portfolio easily and securely.


Direct registered shareholders

唔…啊 手指 出去Direct registered shareholders you can:?

  • Place buy or sell orders 24/7?and benefit from a reduced brokerage rate of 0.10% before tax (subject to having signed an account agreement with Air Liquide)
  • Check your account documents (account status, Tax Reporting Form, etc.) in your online library
  • View your dividend amount and your transaction history in real time
  • Validate online your request for exemption from the advance withholding on dividends

Registered shareholders

Registered shareholders you can access your account to:?

  • Check your share portfolio and your eligibility for the loyalty bonus
  • Access your personal information directly
  • Ask to receive your Invitation to the Annual General Meeting by email
  • Vote on the Annual General Meeting resolutions

唔…啊 手指 出去First-time users, enter the Shareholder ID listed on the account documents sent to you by Shareholder Services and follow the online instructions.

唔…啊 手指 出去Factsheet - Your personal online account

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