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Capital gains

Calculating and managing your capital gains

A capital gain is the profit made from the sale of a security, and therefore represents the difference between its sale price and its purchase price. Calculation, taxes… Here's everything you need to know about capital gains.

How to calculate them?

唔…啊 手指 出去The gain on the sale of shares is called a capital gain. It is the difference between their sale amount and their purchase amount.

Wo scenarios that provide exemption from capital gains taxes in France

唔…啊 手指 出去Having a share savings plan, and keeping your shares for a period of five years from the account opening date. The capital gains realized after this period are only subject to social security contributions. Important: shares from another account cannot be transferred to a share savings plan. Only transfers from the share savings plan’s cash account can be used to invest in shares.

The cash investment limit is €150,000 per plan.

唔…啊 手指 出去Making a gift is still fully exempt from rights, taxes and social contributions up to maximum amounts set by French law. Unrealized capital gains on shares are then tax exempt, as long as the transaction is reported to the tax authorities. Plan to make your endof-year gifts from September.

Factsheet - Capital gains

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