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The magazine of the Air?Liquide Group | Healthcare

唔…啊 手指 出去The healthcare world is evolving: longer life expectancy, rise of chronic diseases, technological progress… From hospital to home, discover the latest innovations that contribute to protecting vulnerable lives, at every stage of the care pathway.

Healthcare  | May 24, 2019

Home healthcare: lasting responses for the chronic diseases’ challenge

唔…啊 手指 出去 The healthcare industry is experiencing some major shifts, including aging populations, accelerated urban growth, technological progress, sedentary lifestyles, and the increase of chronic illnesses. Healthcare systems, which are often organized around hospitals, do not always encourage support for chronic diseases that require regular, long - term monitoring.

Healthcare  | November 05, 2018

Breathing life thanks to an innovative automated ventilation system

唔…啊 手指 出去 In 2014, while he was conducting research on cardio pulmonary ventilation, Jean-Christophe Richard, a professor of resuscitation, joined Air Liquide Medical Systems (ALMS) as Medical Director with one foot still squarely planted in the world of research. This is where he developed CPV, an innovative automated ventilation system used in resuscitation during cardiac arrest.

Healthcare  | June 11, 2018

E-health: at the heart of changes in healthcare

唔…啊 手指 出去 Healthcare is experiencing a revolution. Digital technologies have become an integral part of healthcare, transforming usages and economic models in ways that benefit patients and health professionals alike. In 2017, the innovative solution Chronic Care Connect? has been developed in this environment undergoing major changes.

Healthcare  | March 15, 2018
Sleep apnea: caring for the patient
Healthcare  | March 05, 2018

Access Oxygen, a new inclusive offer in Senegal

唔…啊 手指 出去 More than 4 billion people live on less than six dollars a day in developing economies. Proposing appropriate offers that are adapted to this BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid) market helps reduce poverty while building a win-win relationship. Spotlight on Access Oxygen, the new “inclusive” healthcare offer launched in Senegal.

Healthcare  | November 12, 2017

Connected solutions for sleep apnea

唔…啊 手指 出去 Follow Paul's year-long story and discover how treatment and our support program have improved his health and his quality of life.