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Offering over 30?years’ experience in food-safe gases

唔…啊 手指 出去Food manufacturers are faced with significant challenges. First and foremost, they must meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population. Second, they are under pressure to satisfy the demands of increasingly urban consumers, providing ready-to-eat and wholesome products with fewer chemical additives and preservatives. They must do this while adhering to stringent food safety rules and coping with strong competition. In consequence, manufacturers are under pressure to innovate and launch new products in shorter delays.

Providing safe and efficient solutions

Food safety is at the core of our offer. Air?Liquide has been a pioneer in developing food-grade gases and complying with international and local safety regulations. Today thousands of customers trust our excellence in supply chain compliance and product reliability.

Helping customers produce better food quality and improve productivity

With over 30 years’ experience in the food industry, our dedicated team of food specialists draws on R&D capabilities and unsurpassed technology to help our customers develop new products and recipes.

Combining our know-how in food processes and expertise in gas properties, we are able to invent smart solutions and equipment to meet very specific food industry requirements. We help our customers produce better food quality and improve productivity.

Supporting food producers from start to finish

As an industrial gas expert, Air?Liquide provides its food industry customers with full process support and services. At the same time, we retain a strong focus on safety, hygiene and cost-efficiency.

We offer a range of food grade gases. As the industry benchmark, our ALIGAL??products meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards for production and logistics of all liquids related to the agri-food industry. ALIGAL? goes above and beyond required criteria in adhering to strict specifications in addition to offering ensured traceability along the manufacturing cycle. It comes with a traceable identification number. Our carbon dioxide production sites are FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) certified.

ALIGAL? products in compliance with HACCP

ALIGAL?唔…啊 手指 出去 gases are used in different applications and food segments. Beyond gases, we are on hand, partnering with our clients to tailor comprehensive solutions (on-site audits, performance tracking etc.) adapted to their specific requirements.

ALIGAL? gases are used in different applications and food segments. Beyond gases, we are on hand, partnering with our clients to tailor comprehensive solutions (on-site audits, performance tracking etc.) adapted to their specific requirements.

Freezing and chilling

Cryogenic freezing and chilling brings significant advantages compared to mechanical technologies such as enhancing natural taste while minimizing dehydration. Air Liquide’s Nexelia? for Freezing & Chilling all-in-one solution includes ALIGAL? gases, proprietary cryo equipment and application expertise. Our field experts always know when performance and quality can be improved by our freezing and chilling solutions.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Different gases or mixtures can be used to preserve color, appearance and organoleptic characteristics during the product’s shelf life and protect food from bacteria or mold. Our field experts adapt our MAP solutions to the needs of each individual client.

Temperature control

Temperature control is a chilling process that maintains a certain temperature during the processing, storage and shipping of food products. Air Liquide’s Nexelia? for Temperature Control all-in-one solution includes ALIGAL?唔…啊 手指 出去 gases, proprietary cryo-injectors and years of application expertise. Our field experts know how to combine enhanced product quality with continuous improvement of the chilling costs.

Cold transportation

Controlling the temperature inside trucks during transportation from the factory to the supermarket is of critical importance in safeguarding the quality of the products being transported. Air Liquide’s cryogenic solutions, Carbofresh? and blueeze?唔…啊 手指 出去, ensure the integrity of the cold chain in a safe, silent and environmentally friendly manner.

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唔…啊 手指 出去 Our expertise in cryogenics has led to the development of an innovative solution for cold storage truck transport: blueeze?.

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